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NIH Telephone & Services Directory

Division of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (NIAID-DAIDS)

Job Title Name Degree Location Phone Fax
Director Carl Dieffenbach Ph.D. 6700B/4142 301-496-9112 301-402-1505
Principal Deputy Director Emily Erbelding M.D. 6700B/4133 301-435-3384 301-402-1505

Basic Sciences Program (NIAID-DAIDS-BSP)

Director Diana Finzi Ph.D. 6700B/4101 301-451-2598 301-402-1505
Deputy Director VACANT 6700B/4147A 301-402-0336 301-402-3211

Epidemiology Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-BSP-EB)

Chief Carolyn Williams Ph.D. 6700B/4105 301-402-2305

Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-BSP-PBRB)

Acting Chief Karl Salzwedel Ph.D. 6700B/4150 301-451-2598

Targeted Interventions Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-BSP-TIB)

Chief Dr. Sandra H. Gurgo Ph.D. 6700B/4154 301-496-8198

Office of Clinical Site Oversight (NIAID-DAIDS-OCSO)

Chief Manizhe Payton 6700B/5115 301-402-2302 301-402-3171

Asia and the Americas Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OCSO-AAB)

Acting Chief Joanne Csedrik M.P.H. 6700B/5241 301-402-4288

Africa and the Domestic Partners Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OCSO-ADP)

Acting Chief Eileen Pouliot M.S.N. 6700B/5114 301-402-3222

Monitoring Operations Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OCSO-MOB)

Acting Chief Karen Reese M.S. 6700B/5113 301-496-7124

Pharmaceutical Affairs Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OCSO-PAB)

Chief Ana I. Martinez R.Ph. 6700B/4115 301-435-3734

Scientific Communications and Information Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OD-SCIB)

Chief Robert Gulakowski M.S. 6700B/4140 301-435-5022

Science Planning and Operations Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OD-SPOB)

Chief Pam Gilden M.B.A. 6700B/4143 301-594-9954

Office for Policy in Clinical Research Operations (NIAID-DAIDS-OPCRO)

Acting Director Emily Erbelding M.D. 6700B/4133 301-435-3384

Clinical Research Resources Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OPCRO-CRRB)

Chief Carole Andres M.S. 6700B/4117 301-496-0701

Protection of Participants, Evaluation and Policy Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OPCRO-PPEPB)

Chief Judy Brooks R.N. 6700B/4126 301-594-6626

Regulatory Affairs Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-OPCRO-RAB)

Chief Mary Anne Luzar Ph.D. 6700B/4109 301-435-3737 301-402-1506

Prevention Sciences Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-PSB)

Acting Director Sheryl Zwerski M.S.N. 6700B/5116 301-402-4032

Clinical Microbicide Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-PSP-CMRB)

Chief Roberta Black Ph.D. 6700B/5117 301-496-8199

Clinical Prevention Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-PSP-PRB)

Chief David Burns M.D. 6700B/5121 301-435-8896
Chief, Preclinical Microbicide and Prevention Research Branch Jim Turpin Ph.D. 6700B/5118 301-451-2732

Research Ethics Team (NIAID-DAIDS-RET)

Chief Liza Dawson Ph.D. 6700B/4114 301-496-6179

Therapeutics Research Program (NIAID-DAIDS-TRP)

Director Dr. Sarah Read M.D. 6700B/5101 301-451-2757 301-435-9282

Complication and Co-Infections Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-TRP-CCRB)

Chief Beverly Alston Smith M.D. 6700B/5109 301-435-3773 301-480-4582

Drug Development and Clinical Sciences Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-TRP-DDCSB)

Chief Michael A. Ussery Ph.D. 6700B/5150 301-402-0134 301-402-3171


Chief Dr. Caral Pettinelli M.D. 6700B/5102 301-402-5582 301-435-9282

International Maternal, Adolescent & Pediatric Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-TRP-MAPRB)

Chief Devasena Gnanashanmugam M.D. 6700B/5107 301-435-3761

TB Clinical Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-TRP-TBCRB)

Chief Richard Hafner M.D. 6700B/5154 301-435-3766

Vaccine and Prevention Research Program (NIAID-DAIDS-VRP)

Director Mary Marovich M.D. 6700B/5142 301-435-3727
Deputy Director Kevin Ryan Ph.D. 6700B/5140 301-435-3758

Preclinical Research and Development Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-VRP-PRDB)

Chief James A. Bradac Ph.D. 6700B/5134 301-435-3754

Vaccine Clinical Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-VRP-VCRB)

Chief Elizabeth Adams M.D. 6700B/5133 301-435-3730

Vaccine Translational Research Branch (NIAID-DAIDS-VRP-VTRB)

Chief Michael Pensiero Ph.D. 6700B/6124 301-496-1886

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