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NIH Telephone & Services Directory

Office of Administrative Management (NICHD-OAM)

Job Title Name Degree Location Phone Fax
Associate Director John Jarman 31/2A03 301-496-4121 301-402-4083
Deputy Executive Officer Kathleen Stephan 31/2A11 301-496-5826 301-402-4083

Acquisitions Services Branch (NICHD-OAM-ASB)

Chief Marlene Mireles 6100/5Z00 301-443-7795 301-480-8451

Contact Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-CMB)

Chief Erin Goldstein 6100/7A07 301-435-6964 301-402-3676

Extramural Administrative Services Branch (NICHD-OAM-EASS)

Chief Bennie Johnson, Sr. 6100/7C01 301-496-9261 301-402-4083
Administrative Officer Paul Errett 6100/7C01 301-402-2082 301-402-4083
Administrative Officer Sybil Philip 6100/7C01 301-594-5396 301-402-4083
Administrative Officer Marsha Gorham 6100/7C01 301-402-3250 301-402-4083
Administrative Officer Rhudel Stevens 6100/7C01 301-594-8429 301-402-4083
Administrative Officer Tracy Springer 6100/7C01 301-402-7899 301-403-4083
Administrative Technician Jacqueline Lancaster 6100/7C01 301-443-5171 301-402-4083

Financial Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-FMB)

Budget Officer Alexis Clark 31/2A47 301-435-3410 301-480-2336

Grants Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-GMB)

Chief Brian Clark 6100/8A17 301-435-6970 301-402-0915

Information Resources Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-IRMB)

Chief David Songco 6100/5F01 301-435-6844 301-402-4105

Management Analysis and Workforce Planning Section (NICHD-OAM-MAWPS)

Chief Tina Kelsey 6100/5C01 301-435-6538 301-402-4083

Contact Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-NCS)

Chief Erin Goldstein 6100/7A07 301-435-6964 301-402-3676

Contact Management Branch (NICHD-OAM-NIAAA CMB)

Chief Paul McFarlane 5635 FL/3019 301-443-3041 301-443-3891

Office of Acquisitions (NICHD-OAM-OA)

Director Olga Acost-Polston 6100/7A07 301-435-4322 301-402-3676

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