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NIH Telephone & Services Directory

Division of Cardiovascular Sciences (NHLBI-DCVS)

Job Title Name Degree Location Phone Fax
Director Michael Lauer RKL2/8128 301-435-0422 301-480-7971
Deputy Director VACANT /
Administrative Officer Lisa Freeny RKL2/8095 301-435-6373 301-480-7322

Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-ACADB)

Branch Chief Yves Rosenberg RKL2/8146 301-435-1292 301-480-3667

Advanced Technologies and Surgery Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-ATSB)

Branch Chief Marissa Miller RKL2/8214 301-594-1542 301-480-1454

Clinical Applications and Prevention Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-CAPB)

Branch Chief Lawrence Fine RKL2/10216 301-435-0305 301-443-0945

Epidemiology Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-EB)

Branch Chief Paul Sorlie RKL2/10210 301-435-0456 301-480-1455

Heart Development and Structural Disease (NHLBI-DCVS-HDSD)

Branch Chief Jonathan Kaltman RKL 2/8104 301-435-0528 301-480-2858

Heart Failure and Arrhythmias Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-HFAB)

Branch Chief David Lathrop RKL2/8170 301-435-0507 301-480-7404

Office of Biostatistics Research (NHLBI-DCVS-OBR)

Director Nancy Geller RKL2/9202 301-435-0434 301-480-1862
Deputy Director Myron Waclawiw RKL2/9216 301-435-0434 301-480-1862

Office of Clinical Research (NHLBI-DCVS-OCR)

Director Gail Pearson RKL2/8132 301-435-0510 301-480-7971

Office of Research Training and Career Development (NHLBI-DCVS-ORTCD)

Director Jane Scott RKL2/8138 301-435-0535 301-480-7971

Program in Adult & Pediatric Cardiac Research (NHLBI-DCVS-PAPCR)

Director Gail Pearson RKL2/8132 301-435-0510 301-480-7971

Program in Basic and Early Translational Research (NHLBI-DCVS-PBETR)

Director Denis Buxton RKL2/8124 301-435-0513 301-480-7971

Program in Prevention and Population Sciences (NHLBI-DCVS-PPPS)

Director David Gordon RKL2/10122 301-435-0564 301-480-1864

Vascular Biology and Hypertension Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-VBHB)

Branch Chief Zorina Galis RKL2/8116 301-435-0560 301-480-2858

Women’s Health Initiative Branch (NHLBI-DCVS-WHI)

Branch Chief VACANT /

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