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NIH Telephone & Services Directory


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Office of the Director
OD-EO Executive Office
OD-EO-AMG Administrative Management Group
OD-EO-APMG Acquistions and Planning Management Group
OD-EO-FMO Financial Management Office


Division of Computational Bioscience
DCB-CBEL Computational Bioscience and Engineering Laboratory
DCB-CBEL-BIMAS Bioinformatics and Molecular Analysis Section
DCB-CBEL-BIVS Biomedical Imaging and Visualization Section
DCB-CBEL-SPIS Signal Processing and Instrumentation Section
DCB-CMM Center for Molecular Modeling
DCB-HPCIO High Performance Computing and Informatics Office
DCB-ISL Imaging Sciences Laboratory
DCB-ISL-BIRSS Biomedical Imaging Research Services Section
DCB-MSCL Mathematical and Statistical Computing Laboratory
DCB-MSCL-ABS Analytical Biostatistics Section


Division of Customer Support,frameless.htm
DCS-HDB Help Desk Branch
DCS-IMOD VIP Support Team
DCS-ISDP Information Systems Distribution and Procurement
DCS-SSB Support Services Branch


Division of Computer System Services,frameless.htm
DCSS-ASB Application Services Branch
DCSS-DCOB Data Center Operations Branch
DCSS-EMIB Enterprise Messaging and Infrastructure Branch
DCSS-HSB Hosting Services Branch
DCSS-LSSB Large Systems Services Branch
DCSS-SCB Scientific Computing Branch


Division of Enterprise and Custom Applications
DECA-CAB Custom Applications Branch
DECA-EASB External Applications Support Branch
DECA-EIMB Enterprise Information Management Branch
DECA-ISB Integration Services Branch


Division of Network Systems and Telecommunications,frameless.htm
DNST-CMB Cable Management Branch
DNST-NEB Network and Engineering Branch
DNST-TIB Telecommunications Infrastructure Branch

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