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Office of the Director


Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives
DPCPSI-OAMC Office of Administrative Management & Communications
DPCPSI-OAR Office of AIDS Research
DPCPSI-OBSSR Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
DPCPSI-ODP Office of Disease Prevention
DPCPSI-ODP-ODS Office of Dietary Supplements
DPCPSI-OPA Office of Portfolio Analysis
DPCPSI-OPEP Office of Program Evaluation and Performance
DPCPSI-ORIP Office of Research Infrastructure Programs
DPCPSI-ORIP-DCI Division of Construction and Instruments
DPCPSI-ORIP-DCM Division of Comparative Medicine
DPCPSI-ORWH Office of Research on Women's Health
DPCPSI-OSC Office of Strategic Coordination


Emissaries to the Extramural Community


Executive Office
EO-BFMO Budget and Financial Management
EO-OASR Office of Administrative Services and Resources
EO-OIT Office of Information Technology
NEO NIH Ethics Office


Office of Chief Information Officer
OCIO-ISAO Information Security and Awareness Office
OCIO-ITAO Information Technology Architecture Office
OCIO-ITASO Information Technology Acquisition Services Office
OCIO-ITPRO Information Technology Policy and Review


Office of Communications and Public Liaison
OCPL-FIO Freedom of Information Office
OCPL-OCL Office of Community Liaison
OCPL-PIO Public Information Office
OCPL-PIO-EOB Editorial Operations Branch
OCPL-PIO-NMB News Media Branch
OCPL-PIO-OIB Online Information Branch
OCPL-VIC/SEB Visitor Information Center/Special Events Branch


Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management/Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
OEODM-OEDI-D & Division of Diversity and Inclusion
OEODM-OEDI-DACO Division of Data Analytics and Customer Outreach
OEODM-OEDI-DCMR Division of Complaints Management
OEODM-OEDI-GEM Division of Guidance, Education and Marketing


Office of Extramural Research
OER-OAO-DAS Division of Administrative Services
OER-OAO-DCGP Division of Central Grants Processing
OER-OEP Office of Extramural Programs
OER-OEP-DLR Division of Loan Repayment
OER-OEP-DScP Division of Scientific Programs and NIH Research Training Office
OER-OEP-DSpP Division of Special Programs
OER-OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
OER-OLAW-DA Division of Assurance
OER-OLAW-DCO Division of Compliance Oversight
OER-OLAW-DPE Division of Policy and Education
OER-OPC Office of Planning and Communication
OER-OPC-DCO Division of Communication and Outreach
OER-OPC-DPE Division of Planning and Evaluation
OER-OPC-WDTB Web Development and Technology Branch
OER-OPERA Office of Policy for Extramural Research Administration
OER-OPERA-DEITR Division of Extramural Inventions and Technology Resources
OER-OPERA-DGCO Division of Grants Compliance and Oversight
OER-OPERA-DGP Division of Grants Policy
OER-OPERA-PCB Project Clearance Branch
OER-ORIS Office of Research Information Systems
OER-ORIS-DIS Division of Information Services
OER-ORIS-DIS-DQ Office of Data Quality
OER-ORIS-DIS-RB Office of Statistical Analysis & Reporting
OER-ORIS-DIS-RC Office of Scientific Categorization & Analysis
OER-ORIS-eRA Electronic Research Administration
OER-ORIS-eRA-BP Business and Planning Office
OER-ORIS-eRA-DC Division of Customer Support Services
OER-ORIS-eRA-DC Customer Relationship Branch
OER-ORIS-eRA-DC Operations Branch
OER-ORIS-eRA-DC User Support Branch
OER-ORIS-eRA-DI Division of Information Technology
OER-ORIS-eRA-DI Design and Development Branch
OER-ORIS-eRA-DI Testing Branch
OER-ORIS-eRA-PM Program Management Office
OER-ORIS-SO Security Office


Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy


Office of Intramural Research
OIR-GPP Graduate Program Partnerships
OIR-ILRSP Intramural Loan Repayment Scholarship Program
OIR-OACU Office of Animal Care and Use
OIR-OHNM Office of NIH History
OIR-OHSRP Office of Human Subjects Research
OIR-OITE Office of Intramural Training and Education
OIR-OTT Office of Technology Transfer


Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis


Office of Management
OM-OA-OLAO-DITA Division of Information Technology Acquisition
OM-OA-OLAO-DLS Division of Logistics Services
OM-OA-OLAO-DPPS Division of Personal Property Services
OM-OALM Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management
OM-OALM-APRO Administrative Program Resources Office
OM-OALM-DDO Deputy Director’s Office
OM-OALM-OAMP Office of Acquisition Management & Policy
OM-OALM-OAMP-DA Division of Acquisition Policy & Evaluation
OM-OALM-OAMP-DF Division of Financial Advisory Services
OM-OALM-OAMP-DS Division of Simplified Acquisition Policy & Services
OM-OALM-OLAO Office of Logistics and Acquisition Operations
OM-OALM-OLAO-OA Office of Acquisition


Office of Budget
OM-OB-BEMB Budget Execution and Modeling Branch
OM-OB-BFRB Budget Formulation and Reporting Branch
OM-OB-BRLB Budget Reporting & Legislative Branch


Office of Financial Management
OM-OFM-DCSO Division Central Services Operations
OM-OFM-DCSO-CFO CFO Activities Branch
OM-OFM-DF Division of Finance
OM-OFM-DF-CAB Commercial Accounts Branch
OM-OFM-DF-GAB Government Accounting Branch
OM-OFM-DF-GLB General Ledger Branch
OM-OFM-DF-TFPCB Travel, Fellowship, Pay and Cashier Branch
OM-OFM-DPQ Division of Policy and Quality
OM-OFM-DPQ-PB Policy Branch
OM-OFM-DPQ-QB Quality Branch


Office of Human Resources


Office of Management Assessment
OM-OMA-DMS Division of Management Support
OM-OMA-DPI Division of Program Integrity
OM-OMA-DRMAL Division of Risk Management and Audit Liaison


Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations
ORFDO-DBFM Division of Budget and Financial Management
ORFDO-DDCM Division of Design and Construction Project Management
ORFDO-DEP Division of Environmental Protection
ORFDO-DFOM Division of Facilities Operations & Maintenance
ORFDO-DFP Division of Facilities Planning
ORFDO-DFS Division of Facilities Stewardship
ORFDO-DTR Division of Technical Resources
ORFDO-IC Space IC Space Liaisons
ORFDO-OA Office of Acquisition
ORFDO-OA-AECCB Architect-Engineer and Construction Contracting Branch
ORFDO-OA-FSSCB Facilities Support Services Contracting Branch
ORFDO-OA-RECB Real Estate Contracting Branch
ORFDO-OHPE Office of Hospital Physical Environment
ORFDO-OSPA Office of Strategic Planning for Administration


Office of Research Services
ORS-OD Office of the Director
ORS-OD-OAM Office of Administrative Management
ORS-OD-OAM-ASB Administrative Services Branch
ORS-OD-OAM-ITB Information Technology Branch
ORS-OD-OAM-MARB Management Analysis & Review Branch
ORS-OD-OAM-WMPB Workforce Management & Planning Branch
ORS-OD-OBF Office of Budget and Finance
ORS-OD-OBF-FMB Financial Management Branch
ORS-OD-OQM Office of Quality Management
ORS-PES-DATS Division of Amenities and Transportation Services
ORS-PES-DIS Division of International Services
ORS-PES-DMA Division of Medical Arts
ORS-PES-DMMS Division of Mail Management Services
ORS-SER-DEPC Division of Emergency Preparedness & Coordination
ORS-SER-DFM Division of the Fire Marshall
ORS-SER-DFRS Division of Fire and Rescue Services
ORS-SER-DP Division of Police
ORS-SER-DPSAC Division of Personnel Security and Access Control
ORS-SER-DPSM Division of Physical Security Management
ORS-SR-DLS Division of Library Services
ORS-SR-DOHS Division of Occupational Health and Safety
ORS-SR-DRS Division of Radiation Safety
ORS-SR-DSEIS Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services
ORS-SR-DVR Division of Veterinary Resources
ORS-SR-DVR-BEEP Office of Behavior and Environmental Enrichment Program
ORS-SR-DVR-BO Business Office
ORS-SR-DVR-DRSB Diagnostic and Research Services Branch
ORS-SR-DVR-FMB Facility Management Branch
ORS-SR-DVR-VMB Veterinary Medicine Branch


Office of Science Policy
OSP-OBA Office of Biotechnology Activities
OSP-OCRBP Office of Clinical Research and Bioethics Policy
OSP-OSMR Office of Science Management and Reporting

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